D.K. (super_lovers00) wrote in 40wattclub,

Well, it's about time, Mr. Hewlett.

I'm not sure if anyone here happens to read the magazine "Z!NK" but I'm decidedly obsessed. So I was even more blown away today after tearing through the pages to have stumbled upon a review about Jamie Hewlett designing VIBRATORS for the company JimmyJane! Read on or go to the website (I know I certainly want the Ultimate Member Limited set with all 6 characters, don't you?!! but at $275 each I think we all might have to wait until Christmas on that one.)

The article from Z!NK entitled 'Good Vibrations': If vibrators had as much personality as our human objects of desire, we wouldn't need the new Ultimate Member limited vibrator collections. For saucy self-satisfaction, this limited-edition series blends sexual luxury and design with sketches by UK Artist and Designer of the Year Jamie Hewlett (of Gorillaz and Tank Girl Fame). With six characters ranging from Dick Ward to Vanity Unit, you're sure to find the personality that best matches your desires. At least until a flesh and blood Dick Ward comes along.

see all 6 drawings:

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