LizzAy (whatyoucantfind) wrote in 40wattclub,

so. as some of you might know. tank girl (lori petty) was at dragon con. and dragon con was this weekend here in atlanta.

wellll. i couldnt go. cause i had to work, and i had a friends birthday party to go to.

well. at work. i was helping this husband and wife find a 'goth' like outfit for her to wear to dragon con. and i was telling them about how i wanted so i could meet lori petty.

anyway we all became friends and stuff. and i gave them my number and such.

well. today. i get a call from the wife. telling me.

"um, we met lori petty for you and got you her autograph and stuff."

*insert squealing, screaming, and yes, crying*

i told them i worked today and they could just come in and bring it to me. so they did. and i hugged them and thanked them like crazy. and just. yeah.

i'm so fucking happy. its like. the coolest thing to happen this year. and lori petty even picked out the pic for her to sign for me, and put it in the protective sleeve herself, and yeah. i'm lame. but omg.

it made me so happy. i cry when i talk about it. just because. it was because of her, and that movie, and the comic, that i am who i am today. so its just so awesome.

picture of it under the cut


it says:

2 Lizzy
<3 Lori Petty


its even my fave scene. which no one could have known. (ok. one of my fave scenes) cause i always say "i'm too young for this shit"

i'm getting it framed. lol.

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