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Cross posted to tank_girls

I thought that you might find this amusing... 48+ hours without sleep does this to me. I fucked up the end and got lazy in the editing, but it was fun to make.

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I could watch you go out and kill tonight all day long, girl you got it goin' on! Thanks for sharing, I'll add it to a super special new memories section: Tank Girl Fan Films! Make s'more darling!
That's awesome, will do!
You're in birls too!

I like this video a lot.
Thanks. :] It made me not-bored. Anti-bored. Ha ha.
Haha, super awesome! You're not bad to look at either!
The song choice was perfect, too.
This made me grin no end!!I like the focus changes in the garage....maybe im sick in the head, but i kinda was hoping you'd hurl a little at the end :D
I was so close to it! I didn't realize the beer was skunked until I'd started drinking it! And I tried to keep going, but it was just awful, and I was already 10 kinds of sick......... ha ha. Almost!