Ms. Precocious has Moved. (miss_precocious) wrote in 40wattclub,
Ms. Precocious has Moved.

Return of TANK GIRL.

I was reading the latest issue of Wizard magazine, and they highlighted a bunch of stuff about upcoming independent releases.


"Alan Martin, the series co-creator and writer of the Tank Girl series, is bringing her back. Hewlett is apparently fantastically wealthy from Gorillaz, so, Australian Ashley Wood has been tapped. The coolest thing about the new series, thus far, besides the use of Wood, is Martin’s comments on her new look:

What was alternative, upsetting, anarchic, and just plain odd-ball back then has since become common place. Mainstream media smothers us daily with punky chic, and modern day babies can be seen sporting spikey hairdos and Travis Bickle T-shirts. The uniform of the cultural revolutionary has been sold to The Man.

So how to rebel? How give the finger to the fashion fascists? Normal is the only way ahead. Dress like a high school teacher from the mid-eighties, or pick clothes from your boring aunty’s wardrobe. The only way left to rebel is to dress like you’re not rebelling.

I’m not sure I’m completely convinced that this is the case, but there does seem to be a fairly clear deliniation between a world with and without Suicide Girls, and one could argue it was roughly the time Lori Petty shaved her head into a mohawk. I any case, I’m keen to see how this pans out."

Read more about Tank Girl's new look in the upcoming graphic novel release HERE.
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