LizzAy (whatyoucantfind) wrote in 40wattclub,

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I think she's cute and has a tank girl air to her. I don't understand the purpose of making a post solely to say, 'this bitch doesn't look like tank girl enough!"

I can maybe forgive you if that comment on the page isn't yours... but since it's posted on the same day that you found it...

If it is yours I'll be thoroughly disappointed.
oh no, its deff not me on there. i never post on that site. i only just started looking at that site again just the other no. it wasnt me who posted that.

if you are talking about that post from the girl saying "oh i have the tattoos to prove it..bla bla bla" i thought she was pretty crazy. i was like "wtf? you could have a tattoo of a giant fucking cock on your chest, that doesnt prove that you are straight."

but no, that isnt my comment.
p.s. i would never call myself tank girl. sure i'd call myself A tank girl. as in a type of person. and i'd say i was a tank girl fan. but i'd never say "I'm the REAL tank girl, look how hot i am, blah fucking blah!"

thats just dumb.
i think she looks great, and it's a shame people have to diss her or her style or looks or the way she shaves her head. she reminds me a great deal of tank girl.