Ms. Precocious has Moved. (miss_precocious) wrote in 40wattclub,
Ms. Precocious has Moved.

New Tank.

Going to da local comic shop to pick up my new Tank Girl comic that just came in. So what are you all waiting for? Go get yours! It's my barfday today, too.

& to keep things interesting: Tank Girl & Co. Customs. I found these online, pretty sweet?

The artist said they were 1/6 figures.

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Yes off now to go pick up myn and my bro's copies :D
Happy Birthday!

I'm pumped for this new stuff. I don't know if my local comic shoppe has any yet. If they don't, I'll just pester them until they order some.
i bought all three covers.
Me too! That's what I'm talkin' bout. I love us collector nazis :)
Happy barfday.